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Ballon d'Or

Ballon d’Or 2023: Who Will Win? Lionel Messi Favorite

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Ballon d’Or 2023: Who Will Win? Lionel Messi Favorite

The Ballon d’Or, which is the biggest award for one person in world football, will be announced on Wednesday, October 30, in Paris. France Football magazine has given us a list of 30 people who might win it. Some of the people on this list are famous and good at playing football.

But who’s going to win this special Golden Ball this year? Will it be someone we already know or someone new? Will it be someone from Europe or South America? Will it be someone who scores goals a lot, someone who’s good at passing the ball, or someone good at defending?

“Will Messi win an 8th Ballon d’Or?”

A lot of people think Lionel Messi has a good chance of winning Ballon d’Or 2023. He plays for Inter Miami and has been playing well since he joined them in the summer. He’s scored 11 goals and helped with 3 goals in just 10 games for his new team. He’s also helped Argentina, his national team, get to the 2024 World Cup by scoring 4 goals in 6 matches. Messi has won the Ballon d’Or 7 times before and now he’s trying to make it 8 times, which would be a record.

“Kylian Mbappe also in the race”

But he’s not the only one trying to win. His old teammate from PSG, Kylian Mbappe, is also in the race. Mbappe has scored 15 goals and helped with 7 in 12 games for his team, Paris Saint-Germain. He’s only 24 years old and already won the World Cup in 2018. People think he’s the next big thing after Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Erling Haaland top contender”

Another person who could win is Erling Haaland. He plays for Manchester City and has been scoring a lot since he came to the Premier League from Borussia Dortmund. He’s only 22 and has scored 18 goals and helped with 6 in 15 games for City. He also helped them win the FA Cup and get to the Champions League final. Haaland has scored 10 goals in 6 games for his country, Norway, which is impressive.

There are more people on the list, like Robert Lewandowski, who won the Ballon d’Or last year by scoring 48 goals in 40 games. Karim Benzema from Real Madrid, N’Golo Kante from Chelsea, Mohamed Salah from Liverpool, and Virgil van Dijk from Liverpool are also nominated.

The race for the 2023 Ballon d’Or is heating up with Messi, Mbappe, and Haaland as top contenders. As the world watches, the winner remains uncertain, promising an exciting award ceremony ahead.

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