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Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes Joins England ODI XI against NZ Ahead of World Cup

EDICRIC | Cricket | Ben Stokes Joins England ODI XI against New Zealand Ahead of World Cup

Ben Stokes Joins England ODI XI against NZ Ahead of World Cup

Ben Stokes, who is a great cricket player and also the captain of England’s Test team, has decided to play in the One-Day International (ODI) matches again. This is a surprise because he had said he wouldn’t play in ODI matches anymore last year. But now, he wants to help his team in the upcoming matches against New Zealand. These matches will be like practice before the big ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 in India.

Ben Stokes Return for ODI World Cup

In 2020, Ben Stokes said he wouldn’t play in ODI matches anymore because it was too hard for him to play in all three types of cricket formats and his knee was often hurting. He thought someone else could take his place and do well for the team. But now, since he doesn’t have to play Test matches until 2023, he wants to help England win the World Cup again.

Ben Stokes is good at all parts of cricket. He can bat, bowl, and field very well. He’s even been a leader for the team. He has played in 105 ODI matches and scored 2924 runs and took 74 wickets. In simple words, he’s good at cricket.

Ben Stokes’ Heroics in the 2019 World Cup Final

He did something amazing in the World Cup final in 2019 against New Zealand. He scored a lot of runs and helped England win, even though the match was super close. People were very happy with him.

Ben Stokes will play with other good players like Jos Buttler, who will be the captain of the team this time. The usual captain, Eoin Morgan, is taking a break. The team also has many other players who were part of the team when they won the World Cup. There are also some new players.

One new player is Gus Atkinson. He’s a fast bowler from Surrey and he’s 25 years old. He has done well in smaller cricket matches. He can bowl very fast and accurately. This can help England’s team be better at playing.

ENG vs NZ  On Sep 8th

The matches against New Zealand will start on September 8th. They will play in different places. The matches will be tough because New Zealand is good at cricket. They have great players in their team. But England hopes that with Ben Stokes back, they can do well and prepare for the World Cup.

Cricket fans in England are happy to see Ben Stokes playing again. They remember how he helped the team in 2019. They hope he can do the same in the World Cup this time. He’s back just before the World Cup, and he’s excited to show his skills on the big cricket stage again.

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