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Football Transfer News: Sergio Ramos Back to Sevilla FC After 18 Years

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Football Transfer News: Sergio Ramos Back to Sevilla FC After 18 Years

Sergio Ramos, who is good at playing defense in soccer, might be going back to the team where he first started playing football when he was a kid. He played for Sevilla FC when he was 18 years old, but then he left to play for Real Madrid for a long time, like 18 years.

Now, he’s 37 years old and doesn’t have a team to play for because his contract with Paris Saint-Germain ended in July. But guess what? He’s talking to Sevilla about coming back to play for them, which is his old team.

“Sergio Ramos, Sevilla FC to Real Madrid”

Sergio Ramos started playing football with Sevilla FC when he was young, and he became good at it. He could play in different positions on the field, like a right-back, center-back, or defensive midfielder. He won some important tournaments with Sevilla, like the UEFA Cup and the Copa del Rey. But then, in 2005, he moved to Real Madrid for a lot of money, like 27 million euros.

At Real Madrid, Ramos became super famous and a leader of the team. He won a bunch of big tournaments, like La Liga and the Champions League, which is a really important competition. He also scored some really important goals, like one in the Champions League final in 2014. He was the captain of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team and won the World Cup and some European Championships.

But this summer, Ramos and Real Madrid couldn’t agree on a new contract, so he left the team and joined Paris Saint-Germain. He hoped to win more trophies there, but things didn’t go so well. He had some injuries and didn’t play much. So, in July, they said goodbye to each other.

“Saudi Arabia Club Al-Ittihad Offer, Sergio Ramos”

Ramos had offers from other teams around the world, like one from Saudi Arabia Club Al-Ittihad and MLS United States. and some from the United States. But then, something special happened. The president of Sevilla called him and said he wanted Ramos to come back. Ramos felt touched by this and said yes, even though he had to take less money. He’ll play for Sevilla for one year, and maybe more if they want him to stay. He’ll also wear the same number 4 jersey that he used to wear when he played for Sevilla.

Ramos will see some of his old friends on the team, like Jesus Navas, Ivan Rakitic, and Fernando Llorente. This is a big deal for him and the fans because he’s going back to where it all started for him. It’s like a dream come true.

“Sergio Ramos Comeback Sevilla FC”

Ramos will bring his experience and leadership to Sevilla FC defense, which is already really strong. Last season, they did well in La Liga and made it far in the Copa del Rey and the Champions League.

Now that Sergio Ramos is back, Sevilla hopes to win more trophies this season, both in Spain and in Europe. They’ve already won their first two games in La Liga, and Ramos might play in the next game against Barcelona, which will be a special moment for him and all the football fans. It’s a pretty exciting comeback!

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